digitizing my dad’s cd collection…

sometimes i feel like my family’s it department. there’s no one else in my family who appreciates computers, and very few people in my family can even turn a computer on the right way. thus, snce i’m the only one doing regular maintenence on my family’s three computers, i get blamed for any problems that the other family members have with them. but i’m rambling.

a week ago i embarked on the monstrous task of ripping every track in my dad’s cd collection onto my main computers’ massive hard drive. and it is a massive task. my dad has hundreds of cds, and they’re not categorized, they’re just sort of set on the shelf in no particular order. i wanted to digitize the collection for obvious reasons: to make it searchable and organize it, to make it easy to transfer tracks to my mp3 player (which is a rio, by the way), and to make it easy to recover tracks if one of the cds was lost or destroyed. admirable goals, i think. i have the perfect setup for this kind of operation: suse linux running kde, which uses an app called kaudiocreator to rip cds, two disk drives (one dvd-r-cd-rw and one dvd-rw-cd-rw), and 512 megs of ram.

kaudiocreator clusters my music files together in a folder in my home directory. then when i want to search them i can using the excellent built-in kde search, and i can play them using amarok, the excellent music player that also comes with kde. when i get a 60-gb video ipod, i’m going to dump every cd onto it…then i’ll buy one of those gadgets that hijacks a radio frequency within a one yard radius of the device and plays your music on it, and i’ll be able to play my dad’s entire cd collection anywhere i want…and slip it into my pocket 😉

isn’t the digital age fun?


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