hi. i’m joseph wilkinson, and i’m finally revealing myself. for several years now i’ve written articles for various blogs, created several google groups (one of which is now popular beyond my wildest dreams), created multiple websites, participated in many different forums, and beta-tested hundreds of products. but no one online has really known who i am. so, hi: i’m joseph wilkinson, and i’m fourteen years old.
to give a more specific summary than the one I just gave, i write for the amcp tech blog (i’m a “senior editor”), i’m chief moderator and owner of the “google is awesome” and “firefox is awesome” google groups, and i’ve maintained the illumeon.com website for a long time, although it is in a state of serious disrepair right now. my newest project is apOs, my attempt at making an ajax-powered online operating system.

The reason that i’m coming out and talking in this weblog is the fact that i’m tired of hiding in the dark. i’m sick of people thinking i’m an adult and being wrong. i think i’m going to have a great time doing this, and i hope you do reading it.


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