free ipod…or just free spam?

theres a site out there,, that offers free electronics of many types, from laptops to psps to flatscreens to ipods. i’ve come across it several times during my extensive wanderings across the ‘net, but always dismissed it as a scam. now i’m not so sure. my mom recently lost her hp jornada 680 when it was dropped on the floor from a pretty nice height, and she needs a replacement. naturally i was the one to look, since i am the family it department, and during my series of searches i came upon freepay yet again. so i resolved to find out once and for all if it was a scam. i was extremely surprised when i came across a media page on freepay that links to dozens of legitimate news articles saying that freepay was not a scam (including stories from the New York Times, the Boston Globe, and Wired News). digging around further, i found several “fan sites” of freepay, featuring photos of the merchandise people recieved. i was convinced, mainly because the New York Times had leant its credibility to the program. i figured that they would not have done that unless they knew freepay was legit, so i looked into the program.

here’s the way it works…or, at least it’s the way they say it works. you sign up for an account on the freepay page for the product you want to get for free. this involves giving them your home address and email address. i knew there was a good chance i would get bombarded with spam if i did it, but i trust my spam filter, so i put down my addresses. the next step in the process is to complete one of a few dozen “offers” from freepay’s “associates”. a couple of examples are free trials for aol 9.0, rhapsody, and once you complete one of these trials, you have to recruit five friends to do the same. once all that is done, your product will be shipped.

i still don’t know if it works yet. if you want to find out for yourself (and help me find out) become one of my “referred friends”, and try it yourself. if it works for me, believe me, i’ll tell you ;-).


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