Wow, this is big…

It looks like Google’s releasing chat in gmail! They added a “chat history” section in some people’s gmail accounts, and from the looks of the screenshots on the page they set up, they’ll have a full-featured chat client up there within a few weeks. Check out this, this and this. Advertisements

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Even the French are doing it…

Here’s an interesting article about the French police ditching IE and Windows, and why they’re doing it.  Maybe this will convince my dad to relinquish his beloved IE 6.0, but I doubt it.  He has no reason to hold onto it, except for pure stubbornness: once I tricked out Firefox on his laptop so that […]

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hi. i’m joseph wilkinson, and i’m finally revealing myself. for several years now i’ve written articles for various blogs, created several google groups (one of which is now popular beyond my wildest dreams), created multiple websites, participated in many different forums, and beta-tested hundreds of products. but no one online has really known who i am. so, hi: i’m joseph wilkinson, and i’m fourteen years old.